The hotel du Pont is one of the oldest hotels in the region. It is an antique building, with some of  foundation walls dating back to the 13th century ("Weri wall" and "bishop's wall" are still visible in the cellar vaults). Though most of the hotel is completely modernised and renovated, located conveniently in the city centre of Brig. 

The hotel connects venerable tradition with modern comfort and an informal atmosphere. It offersa cultivated kitchen of Valais and international lusciousness with a wine cellar that has many high-class local wines, as well as wines from around the world. 

The hotel was acquired in 1872 by grandfather Clemenz Gemmet and has been in the Gemmet family ever since.

Clemenz Gemmet (*1908) ran the hotel with his wifeViktorine till 1970.

Clemenz Gemmet (*1943) with his wife Anni since 1970.  

The children Christian (*1968) and Judith (*1970) are the fourth generation in this family business working toward the well-being and care of the guests. 

Since 1872 the building has undergone many renovations, the biggest in the years 1937, 1946, and 1958. 

In 1991/92, the house was renovated under assistance of the Old Town commission and the municipality of Brig into a new building keeping with the old style, yet adapted to modern wishes. 

A part of the hotel was maintained in the style of the turn of the century and now awaits its turn for restoration. 

After the natural disaster in autumn, 1993 an other renovation took place.